Friday, March 13, 2009

Rights group confirms final death toll 1,434 in Israel's Gaza offensive

A total of 1,434 people, including 960 civilians, 239 police officers and 235 fighters, were killed in Israel's offensive on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, a Palestinian human rights group said on Thursday.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights, March 12, 2009 - The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) updated its casualty figures from Israel's 22-day Gaza offensive launched on the Gaza Strip between Dec. 27, 2008 and Jan. 18, 2009.

The PCHR's investigations reveal that "throughout the course of the assault, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) used excessive, indiscriminate force, in violation of the principle of distinction," the group said.

The center's earlier tally had been nearly 1,300 dead, including some 900 civilians.

The Gaza Health Ministry also confirmed that a total of 5,303 Palestinians were injured in the assault, including 1,606 children and 828 women, the center added. During the offensive, 13 Israelis were killed, including three by rockets fired into Israel.

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