Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unmentioned Casualties of the Gaza Massacre - Abu Yussef

Palestine Monitor, December 30, 2008 - The author lists unmentioned casualties of the Gaza siege as being: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas; prospects for Palestinian unity; the Annapolis peace process; the Palestinian voice of peace and non-violence; the Kadima and Labor parties; and the two-state solution (Palestinian sovereignty as well as Jewish sovereignty).

He concludes:

In the coming years it seems doubtful that a viable peace process will be sustained, that Palestinian unity will be achieved, or that Israel will be governed by a more moderate faction. In the mean time settlements will continue to expand faster than ever, and with them, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. It will soon be quite impossible to separate these two peoples, whether the majorities want it or not.

This casualty could be counted double as: the death of the dream of Palestinian sovereign statehood, and the eventual death of the Jewish state.

We should continue focusing on, and loudly screaming about, the ongoing slaughter of the Gazan people. The senseless deaths of so many innocent civilians will only spur on the cycle of violence and the endless tit-for-TAT that characterizes this conflict.

However, we should also begin preparing for the new realities which have been created over the last few days. Because of the casualties listed above, we now live in a whole different world, with different facts, different opportunities and different consequences.

Those of us still alive that is…

Details of the author's identity were not provided in the original version.

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