Friday, February 27, 2009

International Tribunal: Israel guilty of genocide against Gaza children

World Bulletin, February 21, 2009

International Tribunal of Conscience which convened in Argentine reported to the international community to the First ruling against Crimes against Genocide and on Palestinian Children in the Gaza Strip during Israeli massive offensive.

The International Tribunal of Conscience, composed of 14 prosecutors on Human Rights, 11 countries, 9 in Latin America, Africa and Asia denounces heinous crimes and the systematic advancement of infanticide against children in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army.

The International Tribunal over the Childhood Affected by War and Poverty of the Mission Diplomatique Internationale Humanitaire RWANDA 1994 was led by its International President, Sergio Tapia and International Human Rights Prosecutor of the International Tribunal of Conscience, reported Palestine News Network.

Gaza is the most densely populated place on the planet has only 360 km2, where 1,500,000 people live in which 50 percent are children and 80 percent are below the poverty level, , where Israel has violated the Geneva Conventions Humanitarian all international declarations on Human Rights, and has as a method of warfare since the attack on civilians.

"The Moral and Ethical Decision in memory of Palestinian children killed in Gaza, at least to restore the dignity that you have stolen these barbaric crimes of the human, together with over 2000 signatures and requests from organizations and citizens from over 50 countries around the world who support the International Tribunal of Conscience, and request the ICC and international justice and human rights in the European Union and Latin America, the opening of the facts and research and condemnation of perpetrators of crimes against children in Gaza, application accompanied by more than two thousand signatures and requests for Latin America, European Union, Africa and Asia violations of international humanitarian law must be investigated and prosecuted by States, especially by the States parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 if whatever nationality."

"Israel is part IV of the 1950 Convention for the protection of civilians, but does not investigate or pursue the facts are br ought before military courts and criminal courts fail When Israeli state with jurisdiction over violations of humanitarian law can act the courts of other states (universal jurisdiction), and that all States are obliged to respect and ensure respect for the Conventions to do so, universal jurisdiction may be an appropriate mechanism, but to avoid diplomatic conflicts would be most convenient for the Court International Criminal had jurisdiction on these facts," report said.

Officials of Health Ministry in Gaza said that 1340 Palestinians which 492 were children and 106 women.

The court said that the wounded, amounting to 5320, among which there are 1855 children and 795 women, in addition to 55,000 other Palestinians have been displaced from their homes by the evidence: perpetrating the worst atrocities that children have lived in Palestine Gaza Strip, a concentration camp, a field of carnage, which added more than 280 children killed and injured over a thousand.

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