Saturday, March 28, 2009

New IAF Analysis: 99% of Gaza Aerial Attacks Hit Targets Accurately

Israel Defense Forces blog, March 23, 2009 - The Israel Air Force has expressed its satisfaction with its operations during Operation Cast Lead, after the completion of an internal evaluation of the operation in the last few days. The data compiled by the IAF determined that 99% of aerial attacks hit their target precisely. The evaluation also showed that 80% of the bombs and missiles used by the IAF were precision munitions which significantly decrease the chance of hitting uninvolved civilians. During the second Lebanon war only 36% of the munitions used were precision munitions.

In addition, for the first time during an IDF operation of this scale, no IDF ground forces were injured by the IAF, despite the fact that more than 2000 bombs and missiles were fired close to ground forces and in a dense and complex urban territory.

The IAF was also pleased with its ability to minimize the firing of rockets by Hamas into Israeli territory, by destroying weaponry launchers and storage facilities. Throughout the operation 650 rockets were fired onto Israeli territory, killing three Israelis, injuring hundreds and causing significant damage to property. However, at the start of the operation the IDF had estimated that the Hamas would be able to fire a much larger number.

Another outstanding aspect of the operation was the close cooperation between the IAF and the ground forces during the operation, especially with regard to the use of UAVs. Each brigade was constantly accompanied by a number of UAVs, flying at a lower altitude than fighter jets. The main function of the UAVs was to collect information, to direct the ground forces and to direct IAF aircraft to attack targets that were designated by the ground forces....

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