Thursday, March 19, 2009

Palestine Telegaph: First Electronic Newspaper based in Gaza

The Palestine Telegraph/PT is the first Electronic Newspaper based in the Gaza Strip, Palestine staffed by Palestinians and international volunteers; professional journalists and members of the New Fourth Estate-citizen journalists who do not take assignments from editors or paychecks from corporate controlled media.

The Palestine Telegraph will showcase a diverse community of Arab and international writers.

The Palestine Telegraph is dedicated to upholding and expressing the right of freedom of conscience, speech and dissent and encourages creative writing to attract a worldwide readership.

Board of Directors: Dr. Arafat Madi, Chairman, Dr. Rami Abdu, Deputy Chair, Sameh A. Habeeb, Executive Manager

Staff: Sameh A. Habeeb, Editor-in-Chief, Eileen Fleming/USA-World Editor, Ahmad Sabah, Chief Technical Support, Shara Rabich, Editor/Developer

When the assault on Gaza erupted on December 27, 2008 through January 17, 2009: 1,412 human beings lost their lives, the majority women and children. 3,700 babies were also born during that time of violence.

This first edition of The Palestine Telegraph is dedicated to every baby born, every innocent lost, and all who died in the cycle of violence.

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