Thursday, March 5, 2009

Special Series on the Status of Palestinian Health System in the Occupied Territories Featured in Current Issue of The Lancet Medical Journal

The Lancet, March 7, 2009 - The current issue of The Lancet Medical Journal contains a number of articles and comments related to the health status of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. All are available free of charge as a public service. Only a simple user login is required.

Giacaman R, Khatib R, Shabaneh L, et al. Health status and health services in the occupied Palestinian territory. Lancet. 2009;373:837-849.

We describe the demographic characteristics, health status, and health services of the Palestinian population living in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, and the way they have been modified by 60 years of continuing war conditions and 40 years of Israeli military occupation. Although health, literacy, and education currently have a higher standard in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory than they have in several Arab countries, 52% of families (40% in the West Bank and 74% in the Gaza Strip) were living below the poverty line of US$3·15 per person per day in 2007. To describe health status, we use not only conventional indicators, such as infant mortality and stunting in children, but also subjective measures, which are based on people's experiences and perceptions of their health status and life quality. We review the disjointed and inadequate public-health and health-service response to health problems. Finally, we consider the implications of our findings for the protection and promotion of health of the Palestinian population, and the relevance of our indicators and analytical framework for the assessment of health in other populations living in continuous war conditions....

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