Sunday, January 4, 2009

One of Only 2 Foreign Physicians Allowed Into Gaza Says Israel is Lying About Humanitarian Situation

Ma’an News, January 4, 2009 - Norwegian doctor Mas Gilbert, currently in Gaza assisting the beleaguered medical staff, called Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni’s statements alleging that the Israeli army is not targeting civilians “lies” and urged her to visit the Gaza Strip and see the real victims of the attacks.

Gilbert works in the Ash-Shifa hospital in Gaza City and wondered “how she could say such things. “I am calling her to visit Gaza to see what I am seeing,” he said. Gilbert arrived in Gaza with a second Norwegian doctor, Enrich Foucee, via the Rafah crossing on the third day of the Israeli airstrikes. They were the only two foreign physicians allowed into the area, and were sent with The Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC), while doctors from Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were turned away.

The Dr described what is going on in Gaza as catastrophic. What needs to happen, he said, is that Israel needs to stop shelling and to protect Gazan civilians by providing humanitarian aid like food and fuel and medical supplies.

Speaking about the conditions in the hospitals he said that any medical facility in Paris or New York would close down if faced with circumstances like those in the Gaza centers.

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