Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Arabs Urged to Take Gaza Issue to Special Court

Gulf News, January 13, 2009- International law experts... called on Arab governments to take the issue to one of several special UN courts. "There are 68 international courts, some of which are specialised in certain aspects of jurisprudence," Jordanian International law professor Gassan Jundi said. "What Israel is committing is more than war crimes. They are crimes against humanity. It is genocide," Jundi told Gulf News.Human Rights Watch called on Israel on Sunday to stop using the unlawful white phosphorus in military operations in densely populated areas of Gaza.

Researchers at the New-York based human rights watchdog said they witnessed hours of artillery bombardments on Friday and Saturday from Israel's border in which shells burst over the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza, sending out trails of burning smoke that indicate the shells contained white phosphorus.

An Israeli spokesman was yesterday denied Human Rights Watch allegations of multiple use of white phosphorus.

"I might say I am a little bit surprised," HRW senior military expert Marc Garlasco said. "That they would deny using something that everybody can stand there and see."

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