Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funeral Procession in Boston Joins National Protests Against Israel's Incursion in Gaza

By Sofia Jarrin, Boston Indymedia, January 10, 2009

Boston, Mass.--Around 400 people with home-made coffins marched in downtown Boston in a silent funeral procession to join protests around the world against Israel's military aggression in Gaza. Thousands marched in major cities in Europe, Arab countries, and the United States to express their outrage for the killings of so far 821 Palestinians, including 235 children, and close to 3700 wounded (50% of them women and children). Thirteen Israelis have died in the offensive, ten of them soldiers.

“Palestinian people must be some of the most extraordinary human beings in the world to continue to survive and raise families and talk about peace under the conditions they are living in,” said Catherine Hoffman from the Cambridge-Bethlehem People-to-People Project. “People who see Israel as the victim here, can see the power, absolute power that Israel wields in Palestine, not just now in terms of the killing, but everyday in terms of the occupation.”

Dressed all in black, a diverse community of Palestinians, Arab-Americans, Jews, Christians, and people from different heritage backgrounds, gathered in Boston in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. They marched from Copley Square to Downtown Crossing and back, waving Palestinian flags and carrying small bundles to represent dead children. They called for an immediate cessation of Israel's attacks on Gaza, a humanitarian international response to the crisis, and an end to Israel's stranglehold of the occupied territories.

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