Monday, February 16, 2009

Swedish Photojournalist Creates Panorama View of Destroyed Gaza Village, Juhor ad-Dik

Destruction of a Village - War Criminality in Gaza

[Panorama view of destruction available at the link.]

Juhor ad-Dik was a small farming village south east of Gaza City. During the 23-day Israeli offensive into Gaza from December 27 2008 to January 17 2009 more than 1200 Palestinians were killed and more than 5000 injured. Most sources say that more then half of them was civilians, women and children.

4,000 residential buildings have been bombed to rubble and 16,000 other houses have been damaged during the conflict.

The Palestinian economy has lost at least $1.6 billion. The targets for the Israeli army have been schools, university buildings, hospitals, mosques, roads, bridges, power lines, water pipes and the sewage system. Andreas Lunde is a video photographer at ABC Nyheder Norway.

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