Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNN Reports: Why did Israel Destroy the American International School in Gaza?

The American International School in the northern part of Gaza City opened in September 2000. Its first class of 5 seniors graduated in 2004. The school's language of instruction was English and it was geared towards preparing students for admission to American universities. The diploma they received upon graduation was an American high school diploma. The library housed 10,000 volumes.

According to the school's web site, its mission was to develop the following in each student:
  • The ability to think rationally, solve problems, follow principles of logic, employ various modes of inquiry, use and evaluate knowledge and develop positive attitudes toward intellectual activity
  • Moral integrity and the sound judgment to evaluate events and phenomena
  • Productive and satisfying relationships with others based on respect, trust, and cooperation
  • Self-control and the willingness to accept the responsibility for one's own decisions and their consequences
  • The ability to engage in constructive self-criticism, yet promote and maintain a positive self-concept
  • Decision-making skills in selecting personal, life long learning goals and the means to attain them
  • Physical fitness, health habits, recreational skills,and effective use of leisure time
  • An appreciation of the arts for on-going enjoyment and growth
  • A concern and respect for the environment and the use of natural resources
  • An awareness and understanding of one's culture heritage and to become familiar with the achievements of the past that inspired and influenced humanity
  • An understanding and appreciation of global interrelationships to face the opportunities and challenges of a constantly changing world
Were these threats to Israel's security? CNN reports:

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