Monday, January 26, 2009

Meanwhile Back at the BBC...

Furious demonstrators stage sit-down protest at BBC HQ in London

Stars vow to shun BBC for refusal to show Gaza appeal

Sit in takes place at BBC Scotland

With complaints numbering over 15,500, the BBC Trust says it will take another look at the appeal...

Sunday Times Online (UK), January 27, 2009 - ....Because of the intense public feeling about the situation, the [BBC] trust is expected to announce a verdict within days of receiving an appeal.

As the sovereign body of the BBC, it could order the corporation to screen the message or to review its decision not to do so. The committee, which includes Oxfam, Save the Children and the Red Cross, said yesterday that it had raised only £600,000 since it launched its appeal on Thursday.....

There is considerable debate within the BBC about the decision. Senior journalists who have spoken out in the past are said to have been reminded that any public comment would compromise their own impartiality and would mean they could not present items involving the row.

Timeline of developments - BBC appeal

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