Sunday, January 25, 2009

Virtual Gaza: Break the Information Blockade

Virtual Gaza is an online space where ordinary Palestinians under siege can describe their experiences in their own words, and where the destruction of the Gaza strip can be documented by those experiencing it directly. The diary entries, photographs, and video material gathered here have been contributed by residents of Gaza. For safety reasons, authors are located in neighborhoods, but their precise location has been randomized.

Virtual Gaza invites you to help break the information blockade.

A collaboration between the Alliance for Justice in the Middle East at Harvard University and the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.
At the link, you will be able to see some of the destruction as well as hear from people in the area about their stories, accounts of what happened.

A great effort/work in progress by a group of graduate students, teachers, activists and others from Harvard the MIT Media Lab. Virtual Gaza is a 2D website that employs Wikimapia and Google earth images to create an online space where visitors can break the siege, albeit virtually.

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