Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PA, OCHA Issue Initial Tallies of Gaza War Losses

Palestinian Deaths
Of which: children: 416; women: 106

Palestinian Wounded
Of which: children 1,855; women: 795

Israeli Deaths

Civilians: 4
Soldiers: 9

Israeli Wounded

182 (4 critically, 11 moderately, 167 lightly)

Buildings Destroyed
Residential homes: 4,100
Educational institutions (including 1 large university) and medical facilities: 25
Security offices: 31
Government buildings: 16
Factories and shops: 1,500
Health facilities: 16
Ambulances: 16

Buildings Damaged

Value of Destroyed/Damaged Property
$1.9 billion

Numbers of Displaced Persons

46,234 - 50,000

Numbers of Schools Actively Housing Displaced Persons (i.e., unable to serve as schools) - See also Families flee to school refuges

Infrastructure Losses
Residents without running water: 500,000
Sewage systems destroyed: several

Damage/Health Hazard Posed by Uncollected Corpses, Garbage, Munitions, Phosphorous Embers

Sources: Palestinian Ministry of Health; Palestinian Bureau of Statistics; UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Gaza

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