Sunday, January 18, 2009

Situation on the Ground in Gaza on the Eve of the Ceasefire - 1.16.09 - OCHA

The United Nations Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs has been putting out very informative reports and maps of the situation on the ground in Gaza. Above is the most recent OCHA graphic summary we found available (from Adalah), which reports on the situation as of January 16. The full text report is available as a PDF. We will try and share additional reports as they come out, particularly as the situation is more fully known in the wake of the ceasefire.

It is our intention to try and provide as much information about the full scope of the damage inflicted upon Gaza during this incursion as possible, although the full picture may not be known for some time. 
It is particularly critical to follow what happens on the ground in the coming weeks. In a sense, this story is only now beginning -- the question is how the huge disruptions, dislocations, and destruction that have been inflicted on Gaza will be resolved, and who will benefit from those massive changes and who will lose. Most importantly, of course, is how the massive, long-term needs of the traumatized, devastated Palestinian population in Gaza will be addressed. But also crucial to monitor will be how the various players in this conflict use it to shape the geographic and political outcome to their advantage.

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