Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welsh Parliamentarian Urges Her Country to Bring Wounded Palestinians for Treatment There

Wales on Sunday, January 18, 2009 - ...,Palestinian children injured by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza should be brought to Wales for treatment, a Plaid Cymru MEP has said.

Jill Evans has written to Health Minister Edwina Hart to ask if youngsters injured by Israel’s assault on Gaza can be flown to Wales for urgent treatment.

The request came as crowds of people descended on Cardiff, Swansea and Newport city centre to demand an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Similar demonstrations were held throughout the UK as protesters expressed their disapproval at Israel’s response to Hamas’ rocket attacks.

“It would have to be done in conjunction with the UK government, because we would have to think about airlifts, but we should be looking at every possible way of helping the children we have all seen on our television screens.

“In the past, Wales has always played a role internationally. We’ve always been very aware of our contribution to people less fortunate and this is an opportunity for us to continue.

“If there’s a way Wales could offer some kind of practical help, I’m sure the minister will look into that possibility.”

Mrs Evans has visited Palestine several times and is planning to return next month.

She said: “Even before this invasion it was extremely difficult for the medical professionals to cope. Now of course, they’re under constant bombardment, it’s almost impossible.”...

Plaid President Dafydd Iwan, who accompanied Mrs Evans on the demonstration in Cardiff yesterday, said: “Doctors in Gaza describe horrific injuries, many requiring amputation, and suspect that Israel has been using white phosphorus shells, which leave terrible burns.

“There has been worldwide revulsion at the massacre of civilians in Gaza. Wales can now play a part in helping the wounded children by offering medical help.”...

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