Friday, February 20, 2009

Letter on Academic Freedom in Palestine - to Columbia University President Bollinger

Below is a letter than Columbia University faculty have initiated to the president of their university about academic freedom in Palestine, including Gaza.

Dear President Bollinger,

On a number of occasions since becoming president of Columbia University you have expressed your views in public on questions of academic freedom in the Middle East. Yet you have remained silent on the actions by Israel that deny that freedom to Palestinians.

These actions include Israel's continuing blockade of Gaza, the imposing of barriers, checkpoints, and closures around and within the West Bank that make academic life unworkable, the denial of exit visas to Palestinian scholars offered fellowships abroad or invited to international conferences, including scholars invited to Columbia, and the recent three-week war against Gaza that included not only the bombing of Palestinian schools and colleges, with great loss of life, but the widespread destruction of the material and social fabric on which academic life depends.

We, as Columbia and Barnard faculty, ask you now to make public your opposition to these actions and your support for the academic freedom of Palestinians.

Faculty signatures [For the 127 signatures, see the link.]

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H said...

Are you guys kidding me?
Why don't you mention 10 years(!) of rockets shot from Gaza to Israeli cities?