Friday, January 9, 2009

Israel Bombs Press TV, One of Few Media Outlets Reporting from Gaza

Press TV, Iran, January 9, 2009 - Israeli forces have targeted the office of Press TV and the Iranian Arab-language satellite channel al-Alam in the Gaza Strip.

There were two people wounded in the Israeli attack, a Press TV correspondent said Friday, adding that Press TV's sister channel, Al-Alam, which was also based in the building has been affected by the attack.

According to our correspondent Hamoudi Gharib, the building was targeted even though the staff had kept light projectors working on the roof of the building 24 hours a day to mark the building.

The journalists working in the building had been given safety assurances that the building would not be targeted by mistake, after its coordinates were handed to organizations responsible for the journalist safety, including the UN.

The Press TV team said they received no warnings ahead of the Israeli strike, which only targeted journalists and news crew who were in the building.

The team's equipment, including satellite transmission devices installed on the roof, have been damaged.

Press TV has been one of the few news networks which has provided extensive coverage of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, which has claimed the lives of some 783 Palestinians.

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