Friday, January 9, 2009

The War Isn't Over, But Israel Has Lost - Tony Karon

Rootless Cosmopolitan blog, January 9, 2009 - What Operation Cast Lead has revealed in stark and brutal terms, is that Israel’s leadership is incapable of transcending the dysfunctional patterns that lock it into a morbid cycle that precludes Middle East stability. Israel is moving steadily to the right politically — even when the center-left was in power and negotiating with the Palestinians, settlements on occupied land expanded at a steady clip; no Israeli government for the foreseeable future is going to withdraw from the West Bank to the Green Line. So, if the madness is to be stopped, Israel and the Palestinians will have to be told where their borders are, as part of an internationally enforced, fair settlement that gives the parties no choice, and provides the Turkish troops to enforce it. But hey, I’m not holding my breath…

Tony Karon is a Senior Editor at Originally from South Africa, he currently resides in NY and blogs at Rootless Cosmopolitan.

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