Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on Strike on UN School with Video

Sunday Times Online, January 6, 2009 - Forty-two women and children were killed in an attack at a UN-run school in Gaza today, the third such assault in 24 hours.

The attack, which appeared to come from an air strike from two Israeli F16s, happened at the al-Fakhora school in Jabaliya refugee camp, causing carnage inside and outside the building, where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge from fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants. Initial reports had said the devastation was caused by a tank shell exploding.

Bodies lay scattered on the ground in pools of blood amid shredded clothing and shoes after the attack, in which several dozen people were also wounded...

Those who died in the attack today were people sheltering in the school and local residents, medical officials at two local hospitals said.

“I saw a lot of women and children wheeled in,” said Fares Ghanem, an official at Kamal Radwan Hospital. “A lot of the wounded were missing limbs and a lot of the dead were in pieces.”...

Video of the aftermath of the strike at the link.

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