Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Largest Gaza Hospital Appeals for Additional Refrigeration for Its Morgue

Palestine Information Center, Gaza, January 7, 2009 - The Shifa hospital in Gaza city, the biggest in the Gaza Strip, has appealed to the concerned international parties to supply the hospital with morgue fridge units after all its units were crammed with the growing number of bodies.

The hospital administration explained in a statement on Tuesday that the big number of martyrs whose relatives could not bury them due to the Israeli occupation forces' aggression and ensuing conditions.

Dr. Hussein Ashur, the director of the Shifa medical complex, said that there was no more space in those units and that the bodies were strewn on the floor in the rooms of those units.

He warned that the bodies might decompose if they continued in this state for longer periods outside the refrigerating units.

Dr. Ashur called on concerned international institutions to expedite supplying his hospital with those units before a "humanitarian disaster" occurs.

He noted that 40 martyrs were rushed to the hospital morgues in Monday only while 100 wounded mostly women and children were admitted into the hospital by noon.

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