Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Israel Considers Declaring Al Jazeera "Hostile Entity"

Checkpoint Jerusalem (McClatchy blog), February 4, 2009 - Israel's frosty relationship with Al Jazeera is heading for a deep freeze.

Over the past year, Israel has been gradually disengaging from Al Jazeera.

Last March, Israeli leaders threatened to stop working with Al Jazeera because they were unhappy with their coverage if the last Israeli military operation in Gaza.

Six months ago, Israel temporarily stopped approving work visas and press cards for Al Jazeera after one of the station's anchors hosted a birthday celebration for Samir Kuntar, the Lebanese killer freed in a prisoner exchange with Israel.(Al Jazeera later conceded that the birthday cake and musical serenade for Kuntar were unethical.)

Now, Israel is taking new steps to prevent Al Jazeera from working in Israel....

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