Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Surviving in Gaza's Newest Refugee Camps

Maan News, February 4, 2009 - Su’ad Abed Rabbo, or Umm Sahel, now lives in a tent next to what remains of her house in the Abed Rabbo area of Gaza. The area is now the site of Al-Karamah refugee camp, an encampment of 54 tents erected for those whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli onslaught. Most of the residents of the neighborhood now live in tents next to the ruins of their houses.

Umm Sahel peers from her tent at anyone who approaches.

“We thank God,” she says, “for everything and sleeping here in tents in the open air is good but I wish I could go back to my warm house, but how can I after it was demolished by the Israeli army.”

Her house looks like a children’s Lego toy that has been dismantled, the pieces separated from one another....

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