Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poll: Support for Hamas Rises After Gaza War

The Huffington Post, February 5, 2009 - Jerusalem Media & Communications Center has released a new public opinion poll that shows that Palestinian support for Hamas has increased since Israel's Gaza offensive. It also found that support for military action against Israel increased.....

Summary bulletin of key results:

Who won the war?
  • Hamas: 46.7% (Among West Bank respondents: 53.3%;
    among Gaza respondents: 35.2%)
  • Israel: 9.8%
  • Neither side: 37.4%

If Palestine Legislative Council elections were held today, fr whom would you vote?

  • Hamas: 28.6% (vs. 19.3% last April)
  • Fatah: 27.9% (vs. 34% last April)

Which movement do you trust?

  • Hamas: 27.7% (vs. 16.6% last November) (in West Bank only: 26.5% vs. 12.8% last Nov.)
  • Fatah: 26% (vs. 31.3% last November)

Which leader do you trust?

  • Prime Minister Ismail Hanieh (Hamas): 21.1 % (versus 12.8% last October); in the West Bank alone, 18.5% (versus 0.2% last October)
  • President Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah): 13.4% (vs. 15.5% last October)

Is the Fayyad government doing better than Hanieh's government?

  • Yes, better - 26.9% (vs. 36% last April)
    No, worse - 40.7% (vs. 29.1% last April)

Do you oppose peace negotiations?

  • Yes: 41% (versus 34.7% in November)

What percentage supports military operations against Israel?

  • Last April: 49.5%
  • Today: 53.5%

The military operations and negotiations

  • Locally made rockets achieve Palestinian national goals: 50.8%
    (up from 39.2% last April)
  • Locally made rockets harm Palestinian national goals: 20.8%
    (down from 35.7% last April)
Do you oppose peace negotiations?
  • Yes 40.9% (vs. 34.7 last November)
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