Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to Gaza - Matthew Cassel

JustImage blog (reporting from Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza), February 2, 2009 - We walked through an area of Jabaliya today that was completely destroyed by Israel. How, F-16? No. Tanks? No. Apache? No. Unmanned drones? No. So then how were dozens of homes destroyed and thousands made homeless in one area?


This is a country that world leaders have the audacity to say is acting in “self-defense” and goes and puts bombs inside civilian homes and blows them up.

Why? Who really cares? How can such an act ever be justified? As one boy responded when I asked him, “They didn’t destroy this because there was resistance here, and not because they want the land. They destroyed it because we are Palestinian!”

So true. Why even ask for the logic behind what Israel does? They do it and get away with it, and they don’t have to explain themselves to anyone.....

Matthew Cassel is a photographer and journalist based in the Middle East. His photographs of Gaza can be seen at his blog, JustImage.

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