Monday, January 5, 2009

URGENT! Report from Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza - Bomb Blows Hole in Hospital Wall; No Electricity, No Water, Streets Covered in Blood

I was able to speak to Suhalia Tarazi, Director of the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza this morning. I took notes and I am sharing with you as best I can her situation in Gaza:

"The situation is terrible. The injured are in their homes and unable to get to the hospital and the International Red Cross can't reach them. Gaza is now divided into three areas. 20% of the staff including 2 doctors are now unable to get to the hospital. Unfortunately a bomb went off in Jerusalem Square, right outside the hospital, only 30 meters away and it blew a hole in the hospital wall.

One of the aide's husbands was unable to reach his children. Later he discovered that 1 child died and other members are all injured because a bomb destroyed a neighboring building.

The 19-year-old son of one of the surgeons volunteered to work in the government ambulance. He was killed when his ambulance was hit by a missile. Three ambulances have been hit by Israeli missiles, five have died.

There is no electricity and no water. Fortunately the International Red Cross has provided Ahli Hospital with some food. It is terrible and not safe to walk on the street.

After the invasion, Ahli Hospital on Sunday received 17 cases. Twelve were admitted to the hospital and 2 to government hospitals.

Today Monday morning 5 cases were received with 4 admitted for surgery. One doctor has slept in the hospital for the last 4 nights. Our staff is now working two 12-hour shifts, two shifts, no days off.

Streets are covered with blood. - bloody time.

Staff members have taken people in their homes, with 20-30 people for refuge. The ambulance driver has 80 living in his home.

We all have received leaflets and telephone calls 'You have to leave your home, we will attack it.' Where should the 700,000 people in Gaza City go???"

I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to speak to Suhalia and I have promised her that I will tell her story and the story of the innocents... I will continue to keep you up to date on this catastrophe happening in Gaza.

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The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr.
President Emeritus, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem
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